Ellmax Electronics Ltd is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of fibre-optics, electronics, and telecommunications training, test, and transmission equipment.

Ellmax Electronics Ltd supplies the comprehensive and high quality range of Yamasaki Optical Technology fibre optics test & measurement products and networking equipment. The Yamasaki test & measurement range includes a fusion splicer, cleave tool, OTDRs, laser sources, power meters, visible fault finders, fiber identifiers, fiber length testers, fiber optic talk sets, and fiber optic microscopes and videoscopes. The Yamasaki networking range includes auto sensing gigabit media converters and SFP, XFP, SFP+, QSFP, QSFP+ transceivers up to 110km and 400G.

Ellmax Electronics Ltd also supplies the comprehensive range of Sharingtek fibre optics test equipment, including OTDRs and mini OTDRs, fusion splicers, microscopes, and cleaning products. These fiber optics products are low cost and high spec and come with a 24 months warranty.

Ellmax Electronics Ltd supplies the TIMS telecommunications training system which is designed for university level telecommunications and signal processing courses. TIMS, which is manufactured by Emona Instruments Pty Ltd., is a modular, expandable hardware system covering the vast majority of analogue and digital modulation and coding techniques, from the basic schemes to advanced concepts such as Convolutional Coding and Decoding, Trellis Coded Modulation and Demodulation, CDMA Encoding and Decoding, Frequency Hop Spread Spectrum, DSP, MSK, OQPSK, UWB, OFDM, and SDR. A stand-alone DSP development and training system, the TIMS-DSP-6713, is also available. The TIMS range includes a comprehensive telecommunications teaching software simulation called TutorTIMS Cloud and also a version of the TIMS hardware which is accessible over the web.

A lower-cost hardware product, the ETT-101 Telecoms-Trainer, also manufactured by Emona Instruments, is also available. The ETT101 (known as biskitTM) is a single board trainer, and covers a broad range of analogue and digital experiments, including all the basic modulation schemes, and also includes sampling, PCM encoding and decoding, line coding, data recovery in a noisy channel, eye patterns, QAM, BPSK, DPSK, QPSK, and frequency synthesis. Add-on Experiment Boards including various Fiber Optics Boards, Software Defined Radio, and an Electronic Circuits Project Board are also available for the ETT-101. net*TIMS-FreeWire is a new multi-user, remote access telecommunications hardware training system, allowing at least 30 students to simultaneously log on to their own unique experiment.

Emona’s netCIRCUITlabs analog and digital electronics circuit training product for distance learning is supplied by Ellmax Electronics Ltd. These fully self-contained electronics labs trainers are based on real electronics circuits which can be accessed online via LAN or the internet by 30 or more students at the same time using a PC, laptop, or tablet using a web browser.  Each student can access and control any one of the multiple experiments on the plug-in applications board at any time, and there are built-in instruments including oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, cursor measurements, and full function signal generator.  Experiments include Basic Analogue and Op Amp circuit experiments and Combinational Logic experiments, and cover basic circuit theory, transistor circuits, AC amplifiers, feedback circuits, differential amplifiers, SCR circuits, OTL power amplifiers, op-amp circuits, waveform generators, resonant circuits & filters, digital logic gates, and combinational logic. The netCIRCUITlabs system enables students to get hands-on experience of electronics circuitry using actual hardware rather than a simulation.

net*TIMS-FreeWire and netCIRCUITlabs may be accessed through cloudTIMS, a hardware subscriptions service which uses Emona’s Server Farm in Sydney, Australia.

Ellmax Electronics Ltd supplies a range of HU-125 Bare Fiber Alignment Modules. These HU125 devices, also known as Multipurpose Pigtails, are used for making OTDR and other measurements on singlemode or multimode bare fibres in development, production, and installation environments. Losses of these bare fiber adapters are below 0.3dB. Options include HU-125-SM singlemode, HU-125-MM multimode (62.5/125 or 50/125 cable), FC, SC, or ST connectors, UPC or APC, standard cable length of 1.4 metres or optional cable length of 3 metres. These HU125SM and HU125MM bare fibre alignment modules or bare fibre adaptors are time saving devices which are easy to use and long lasting. An HU-125/80 option incorporates a cable with 80micron (i.e. 80um) diameter fiber for measurements on 80µm (micron or um) bare fibers. Download and print a datasheet on the HU 125 Bare Fibre Alignment Modules.

Ellmax Electronics Ltd supplies Ritel’s comprehensive range of collet knobs, which are available in various sizes, designs, and colours, and come with full accessories. Short knobs, double knobs with coaxial collets, push-on knobs, soft-touch knobs, and 4mm terminals are also included in the range. Download a short-form brochure on Ritel’s products. An alternative short-form brochure with KX prefixed part numbers is also available, and this may be downloaded here.

Ellmax Electronics Ltd also supplies the range of cleaning, attenuation, and other fibre optics products of TheFibers Inc., including HUXCleaners, PushCleaners, Connector Cleaner reel, Fiber Thermal Stripper, Optical Fixed Attenuators, field installable connectors, and various fibre optics inspection, test, and cleaning equipment. HUXCleaners are pen-type units for cleaning ferrules housed in an adaptor. Both 2.5mm (for SC, FC, ST) and 1.25mm (for LC, MU) HUX Cleaner units are available, and each provides over 500 cleans. The HUXCleaner is a very effective, simple-to-use, cost-effective, and convenient tool for in-adaptor ferrule cleaning (without having to remove the connector from the adapter).


Products designed and manufactured by Ellmax Electronics Ltd are primarily in the area of fibre optics training, testing, and transmission for the educational, training, and industrial markets worldwide, and include:

FIBRE-OPTICS EDUCATOR (also known as EFO1101 or KOP101), a highly versatile and self-contained product for demonstrating the principles and applications of fibre-optics communications and general telecommunications, covering analogue (analog) and digital transmission and also attenuation measurement methods.  The product includes both red and infra-red sources, incorporates plastic fibre, and shows free-space transmission as well as communications over optical cable. A comprehensive 40-page instruction manual is included (see below for viewing or downloading a cut-down version of this manual). Download and print a 4 page datasheet on the Fiber Optics Educator (EFO 1101 or KOP 101).

FIBRE-OPTICS POWER METER (also known as EFO1102 or KOP106), which is an analogue (analog) meter showing both dBm and µW on the same scale, and has an SMA connector as standard. A detailed instruction manual is included (see below for viewing or downloading). Download and print a 2 page datasheet on the Fiber Optics Power Meter (EFO 1102 or KOP 106).

FIBRE-OPTICS MONITOR (also known as EFO1105 or KOP105), a portable test set comprising a transmitter and a receiver for attenuation measurements, toning, and also voice communications, for testing and monitoring optical fibre, and which has SMA connectors as standard. The receiver may also be used as a light to sound converter. A detailed instruction manual is included (see below for viewing or downloading). Download and print a 4 page datasheet on the Fiber Optics Monitor (EFO 1105 or KOP 105).

FIBRE-OPTICS TRAINER (also known as KOP103), a low-cost product for secondary schools that is designed for teaching the principles and applications of fibre-optics communications, general telecommunications, and analogue (analog) and digital techniques.  This open-PCB based product, which includes two red LED sources and incorporates plastic fibre, can show free-space transmission as well as communications over optical cable of analogue signals (such as music or speech) and digital signals, and it may also be used in various light and optics experiments. A comprehensive 34-page instruction manual is included (see below for viewing or downloading a cut-down version of this manual). Download and print a 2 page datasheet on the Fiber Optics Trainer (KOP 103).

FIBRE-OPTICS TRAINER HIGHER BANDWIDTH OPTION, a higher bandwidth version of the standard Fibre-Optics Trainer, is available for analog and/or digital optical transmission applications using red light over plastic fiber or free-space, with an analogue bandwidth of up to 300 kHz and a digital bandwidth from DC up to 500 kBit/s. This open-PCB based product is useful for trying out and assessing analog and/or digital optical communications links.  Download and print a spec sheet of the Fibre-Optics Trainer Higher Bandwidth Option.

Instruction manuals on these products may be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the following links:

View or download a cut-down version of the Fibre-Optics Educator Manual

View or download the Fibre-Optics Power Meter Manual

View or download the Fibre-Optics Monitor Manual

View or download a cut-down version of the Fibre-Optics Trainer Manual



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